More about our approach

We use a combination of Design and Systems Thinking which is based upon evidence and data


Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a methodology that is focused on the human experience and perceptions when engaging with a product, service, strategy, or technology.  Understanding latent needs and synthesizing these into a point of view creates new insight for a community to implement change. Addressing points of view through prototyping allows for quick trialing of ideas and creates a learning circle with which to reframe a point of view and try alternative prototypes.

Systems thinking

Systems Thinking builds an understanding of a problem area as an interdependent network of inputs and outputs, highlighting the most impactful nodes for maximizing returns on effort. Taking a systems approach is the most effective and comprehensive way of pursuing social justice. 

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Partnership and Community

Growth and innovation are rarely done alone. We believe that large and complex challenges require organizations, citizens, customers, governments and allies to be at the table to understand and appreciate the various dimensions of the problem. We specialize in creating a Partnership Innovation Approach that incorporates the ideas and considerations of your partners, customers and key stakeholders that will result in mutual and sustainable shared value for the whole 'community'.

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Data and Learning

Passionate about what you do? You should be passionate about measuring it. Our approach involves learning and refining your program by assessing qualitative and quantitative insights. We design your data and learning framework by crafting a customized Theory of Change and Outcomes Framework to guide stakeholders towards desired programmatic outcomes. During the comprehensive Data Collection and Assessment we analyze existing data and research to design surveys, run observations and facilitate workshops for data. Finally, we report and distill insights and recommendations that capture the learning and series of activities that led to that learning.